BRIEFING NOTE – Territories Coa – Regional Development Association.

The initiative came from Almeida municipalities Penamacor and Sabugal and offers a wide range of agents, who mobilized and involved in what is the certification that recognizes sustainable tourism strategies in protected areas in Europe. The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism ‘Gata-Malcata Land of the Lynx’ was thus validated after several months of meetings / forums, action plan preparation and strategic document, and after visiting the auditor last May. (more…)

To the Presidents of the three municipalities – António Baptista Ribeiro, António Luís Beites Soares  and António dos Santos Robalo – this is a step of great importance to territorial cohesion and to the tourist development of this territory. The cooperation and networking that this project requires for its sustainability have been key and is expected to be perpetuated in time, as the ‘reward’ is valid for five years and after this period will again be re-evaluated work. For now, elected officials not only praise the certification awarded by EUROPARC Foundation, as well as underline the unconditional support of partners and entities involved, organized by thematic groups, which are the main drivers and ambassadors of the region.

The ceremony of certificates held on 5 and 6 December 2016, the European Parliament, Brussels.

(Translated by Google Translator)