Launched in June 9th 2012, this important cultural venue features the vast bibliographic collection (about 5000 books) of Pinharanda Gomes, aswell an entire set of medals, distinctions, awards, offers, among other belongings, that the writter donated to the Sabugal Municipality.
The Center for Studies provides to both the public and investigators, optimal conditions for knowledge and investigation to the author and its work, but also of Philosophy, History and Antropology, and many other areas of study.
Born in 1939, in Quadrazais, Jesué Pinharanda Gomes is an essayist, thinker, writter, philosopher, historian, investigator, self taught by option, and author of a vast array of works, being one of the apexes of Sabugal´s culture and one of the greatest in the country.

Address: Dr. José Diamantino dos Santos Center (Sabugal Municipal Library) – Rua Luís de Camões, 16 Sabugal