The Soito Cross-Border Business Hub (CBH), building located in the old “Cristalina” juice factory building, in the town of Soito, has now a new image, with new totem and information and directional panels, allowing a better identification of the business hub located there.

The CBH is and infrastructure where entrepreneurs can use their own spaces, besides an array of incentives to implement their businesses/services.

Among the incentives available for the renting of spaces in the CBH, in a way to maximize the jobs creation capability, growth and local development, are the right of six months free rent for eacho job created and a ratio calculated to lower that same rent in the first four years of contract.


The CBH is composed by 23 autonomous fractions, two of them specificaly oriented to hold a restaurant and a clinic. The remaining fractions are destined to the instalation by lease of a supermarket, bank, industry, warehouses, commerce and services. The CBH also has a 236m2 common area to serve as reception, coordination, permanent exhibits and internet space.

Presently, the CBH has 13 spaces rented and working (José Manuel Sanches Inês – Sale of Agricultural Products; Nobre Saraiva – Contractors; Fernando José Tavares Luís – Aluminum Works; Luís Miguel Nabais Martins – Iron works; ProgramPix- Software Lda. – Computer programming; NBS, 1896 Lda. | Delícias da Quinta – Sales and distribution of food products; Sofia Santos Robalo – Salon and Hairdresser; Art’ Visão- Óptica LA; MBC Digital Foto – Production and commercialization of photography services and products; Papelaria Arraiana; Afia Lápis – Studies Center; Doctor´s Office – Dra. Mª Prazeres Silva – General Practice | Specialty: Psychiatric- Nervous diseases; Soito Physiotherapy Clinic).


Centro de Negócios Transfronteiriço do Soito (Soito Cross-Border Business Hub)
Avenida de São Cristóvão, 6320 Soito
Tel. 271 606 066