The climate, the agriculture, the pasture are the main factors that intervened in the arts and crafts, culture and gastronomical characterization of the Sabugal Municipality.
The pasture and the hand made production of the excellent goat and cottage cheeses are activities that survived to the present.
At the table there are many flavours to discover, try to taste the Boar, the Partridge, tha wild Rabbit, the Hare rice, the typical roasted Kid and Lamb or the much appreciated pickled trout.
There are also sausages, the “bucho”, the raiana prosciuto, the “drained” and “gravanço”(chick peas) broths, the dryed beans broth, the tapioca, the sweet rice, the “pardo” cake, the cake of the saints, the chestnuts and the “coscoréis”…. all in a menu to eat and cry for more.
Emigration represents one of the most characteristic social phenomena of these peoples that, in the time of the relatives return, is expressed in moments of joy and reunion. The Festivals and pilgrimages, religious or popular, fairs and markets, assume an immediate encounter with tradition, marking special moments in the popular calendar and also on the one´s who visits us.
A reference still to the Capeias Arraianas, a characteristic way of bullfighting, with aid of the “Forcão”, showing the art and bravery of this people. As an integrating part of this tradition there is the “closing”. It is the leading of the bulls through rural ways, with the aid of experienced riders, that riding in front or behind the cattle, lead them to the place where the Capeia will take place.
It is religious fervor, bulls and horses, that makes the festivities of Sabugal an emotional billboard that invites to discover.
To buy and remember, there is at you disposal an assortment of hand made crafts. Also mark of the local identity, tradition formed in the passing of the years and the filling of free time, betweeen the works in the fields or pasture, the local hand craft is yet another ingenious know how of transforming what nature provides.
More than enough reasons to surprise your senses on your next visit.