The innovative project that sells local products online

The Christmas market, promoted by ADES – Associação Empresarial do Sabugal, within the scope of the CLDS 4G project “Sabugal Ativo”, of which the City Council and Smart Farmer are local partners, is this year organized online, allowing merchants to distribute their local products safely and reaching a wider clientele, without compromising tradition.

Anyone interested in purchasing products can access here. You may be surprised with baskets of different regional goods. This initiative aims to naturally increase the economic dynamics of local production and to promote sustainable consumption based on short marketing channels while responding to the current difficulty of the local population in obtaining certain products.

Encourage proximity trade.

In addition to the online local market, the streets will be well-lit and adorned with natural Christmas decorations, prepared by the group of local volunteers from the Christmas adornment studio. The “Montras de Natal” contest was also launched in partnership with ADES, from December 9th to January 7th, aiming carefully to encourage local trade in the municipality, raising creativity under the theme of natural elements.

The dynamization of the festive celebrations in the city equally counts on the exhibition “Natal Mais Natural é Ideal”, with echo Nativity scenes integrated into the dynamics of a responsible event, such as the Nativity scene that can be seen in the historic centre of Sabugal.

“In everything possible to keep the tradition and celebration of this time alive, it is important we continue to carry out promoting the revitalization of our economy, as long as they are safe and respecting all safety standards. Perhaps more than ever it is important to bright our streets, consume local products and wish for a better future,” says António Robalo, Mayor of Sabugal.