Agroforestry resources are a strategic asset both from the economic point of view and as a factor of social and environmental development. “Sabugal + Valor” is an initiative for the economic valuation of the municipality of Sabugal, transversal to the agricultural, forestry and zootechnical sector, giving shape to the strategy of Competitive Rurality.

The forest reality of the territories of the Sabugal is strongly based on the silvicultural, hunting and sustainable exploitation activities, in the multifunctionality of the forest spaces, being emphasized the great predominance of negral oak and the important production of chestnuts.

Agriculture is, and will always be, a factor of settlement of populations, and is therefore, in the past and in the future, a fundamental component of a rural development program, not only in the perspective of productive economic activity / business as well as family production, Be the gardens and farms cultivated a little throughout the county.
In zootechnical terms, the Sabugal has a high capacity for cattle production, with a special focus on cattle, having in this sector a cattle auction park that presents itself as a clearly differentiating aspect in the region, in particular for the quality of the species that are here They market.

In addition to the Sabugal City Hall, this consortium includes ADES – Sabugal Business Association; Acrisabugal – Association of Ruminant Breeders of the Municipality of Sabugal; Coopcôa – Cooperativa Agrícola do Concelho do Sabugal and Forest Forum – Federative Structure of the Portuguese Forest, associating a set of entities and external agents for the development and implementation of the strategies identified.

“Sabugal + Valor” aims to combine the more specific areas of intervention of each one of the consortium members so that this capacity of response is increased and that the effect that this produces is of scale, with more capacity.

Achieving in this way a joint line of action that is an added value for the recipients: people and territory.
(+ Local Resources, + Initiative, + Creativity, + Innovation, + Ideas, + Investment, + Qualification = + VALUE)