SIADAP – Framework

The Law n.º 66-B/2007 of December 28th, amended by the Laws n.ºs 55-A/2010, of December 31st and 66-B/2012, of December 31st, institutes the Integrated Management and Performance Evaluation System of the Public Administration, being applyed to the performance of public services, respective leaders and all workers.

The system integrates three components.

  1. The Public Administration Service Performance Evaluation Subsystem (SIADAP 1);
  2. The Public Administration Officials Performance Evaluation Subsystem (SIADAP 2);
  3. The Public Administration Workers Performance Evaluation Subsystem (SIADAP 3).

The SIADAP has universal application to the state, regional and city administration,  but also predicts very broad flexibility and adaptation mechanisms to frame the specificities of the several administrations, public services, carreers and of the staff functions and the demands of management.

The system is set on the notion of the management of public services centered in objectives. This way, when evaluating services and workers, such evaluation is directed by the results according to previously defined goals. The results ought to be measured under prefixed indicators that allow, among others, the transparency and impartiality aswell discretion.

The service evaluation (SIADAP 1) is annual.

The officials evaluations (SIADAP 2) is done in cycles of three or five years, according to the duration of the service comission (five years to senior officials and three years to junior officials), being done on the end of the service comission.

The performance of officials is subject to intermediate monitoring, corresponding to the civil year and a minimum of six months on the function.

The workers evaluation (SIADAP 3) is once every two years and relates to the performance of the two previous civil years, and is initiated with the contracting of the evaluation parameters (Results and Skills), during the months of January and February of the next month following the one when the evaluation cycle ends.

The Decree n.º 359/2013, of December 13th approved the models and charts to be used in the evaluation process as well as the lists of skills. Also, in the same decree, the respective filling instructions are present.

Technical note on the changes made to SIADAS under the Law n.º 66-B/2012, December 31st (State Budget Law 2013).