Sabugal is located in terrain shaoed by erosion, to the west, the valleys are boxed and the hillsides steep, drawing visual lines of great beauty, where the theluric strength  of the slopes topped by pieces of sky, can be felt. The terrain is smoother in the Côa Valley, where the higher points have added relevance as viewpoints or simple territorial reference points. There are areas with mountain features, like the Malcata mountain, where the Côa river is born, which course produces river beaches and dams, that allow the practice of fishing or leisure. The chestnut is a big reference of the area.
5 Km from the Seat of the Council the Sabugal dam is located, which lagoon and surrounding area provides spaces of leisure, sport or simple but spectacular observation. Such sensations are also found at the Alfaiates lagoon.
The Malcata Mountain Natural Reserve posesses high patrimonial value asserted by its stature. Besides the landscape ingterest of its hills, the mountain holds a rich wildlife staring the Iberien Lynx, symbol of the preservation fight in this area, the Rabbit, the Hare, the Wolf, the Otter, the Mole, the Partridge, the Short-toed Snake Eagle, the Griffon, the Goshawk and the Ketrel.The Malcata vegetation is quite dense, and includes species like the Oak, the Ash and Willows, internationaly confirmed by being declares as Biogenetic Reserve by the European Counsil, as well as site of Ornithological Interest by the 409\79 Directive.
Sabugal extends and evolves in a space of great rurality, where the mixing of natural and more humanized areas, represent a strong indefinition of the contours.