Sabugal receives, on May 14, Saturday, the start of the 2nd stage of the 1st International Grand Premium borders and Serra da Estrela. This particular step, which has approximately 200 kilometers, begins at Sabugal, at 11 hours.

The 1st International Grand Premium borders and Serra da Estrela runs from 13 to 15 May, this being the first time that the region will have an international race cycling disputed throughout its territory. (more…)

This event, which aims to use cycling as an important vehicle for promotion and dissemination of the Beiras region and Serra da Estrela, whose main target regional promotion and projection of this region with enormous natural potential and diverse natural, cultural and gastronomic , as a sustainable tourist destination throughout the year.

The three-day test are strategically placed on the international cycling calendar, as it is early in the season and the event can capture the most international teams.

The stages of this 1st International Grand Premium borders and Serra da Estrela were designed so that the test scroll all inclusive territory of 16 municipalities involved in the event.

The event will be attended by thirteen teams from seven countries. The National Selection / Liberty Seguros will participate with a mixed collective of elite runners – some of the Lusitanian who run the international squad – and players of Portuguese club teams. Among the sets present still stand out two professional continental formations, the Spanish Rural-Seguros RGA Caja and British One Pro Cycling. They will also align the six lusas continental teams – EFAPEL, LA Aluminium-Antarte, Louletano-Hospital Loulé, People-Boavista Radio, Sporting-Tavira and W52-FC Porto – to which are added the continental MMR Inteja (Dominican Republic) NASR-Dubai (Dubai), Lokosphinx (Russia) and Amore & Vita (Italy).

When taking into their territory an international race that brings together the best riders from the international peloton, the Association of Municipalities of Cova da Beira, in partnership with the Intermunicipal Community of borders and Serra da Estrela and the Tourism Centre of Portugal, sees an opportunity to deepen and spread in the European context the region has a large involvement in the cross-border relationship with a Spanish autonomous community, geographically contiguous, with over 2.5 million inhabitants, not only in sport, but also in cultural, social and economic, is already under consideration the proposal for the next edition of the event, to be held a stage in the Spanish province of Salamanca.

The Association of Municipalities of Cova da Beira as promoter proposes to take the future realization of the event, as proof of international annual achievement reference to the strategic objective of promoting the region.

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