“AQUI TÃO PERTO” – Dr. José Diamantino dos Santos Center

“AQUI TÃO PERTO” – Dr. José Diamantino dos Santos Center


The Sabugal Senior University is in activity since MArch 15th 2010, in the Dr. José Diamantino dos Santos Center, and asserts itself as a project of support to the elderly population set in a startegy of active ageing, however, open to everyone that has reasons to adhere, whether to be valued, whether to integrate volunteering and social solidarity programs.

In this new school year, that started October 13th, the Senior University gave continuity to the disciplines of physical Activity, in the Town Swimming Pools; Choral Singing, Computers I and II, English, Health and Heritage, in the Dr. José Diamantino dos Santos Center, and debuted a new discipline: Plastic Expression.

The project has 76 students, and teaching staff, constituted by 7 teachers and 8 formative offers.

The Sabugal Local Learning Center (LLC), operating in the Dr. José Diamantino dos Santos Center, is one of the modern poles of the Universidade Aberta (UAb) oriented to the promotion of activities guided by the principles of Learning Throughout Life.

It is the result of the partnership, created in 2008, between Universidade Aberta, the only public remote teaching institution in Portugal, and the Sabugal Municipality, and aims to develop an intervention, both cultural aswell educational, framed in the local dynamics and according to the specificities of its area of influence, which spans 12 Councils of the Guarda and Castelo Branco Districts: Sabugal, Guarda, Almeida, Gouveia, Manteigas, Seia, Castelo Branco, Belmonte, Penamacor, Covilhã, Fundão and Idanha-a-Nova.

Aiming to favor access, of multiple sectors of the population, to the Society of Information and Knowledge, the work of the Local Learning Centers  priviledges the acquisition of competences in the use of Digital Technologies, as well the development of other skills – academic, professional, cultural and civic – in different areas. This way, the LLC boost formal, non formal and informal educational actions, persuing to offer learning opportunities to the population that, because of geographycal circumstances, are particularly susceptible of exclusion. Its is also a role of the LLCs to provide logistical and instrumental support  to its students resident in the respective areas of intervention, as well the responsibility to coordinate and organize the live evaluation process. The promotion of the educational offer by Universidade Aberta and the specificity of its teaching-learning system is part of the functions of the Local Learning Centers.

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