It took place on the January 23rd, in the Sabugal Municipal Auditorium, which was decorated fo the ocasion, the presentation of Edite Fonseca´s new children/juvenile book – “Aventura Estival”

After “Kassandra, uma infância tumultuosa” and “Daniela e a Pedra Mágica”, “Aventura Estival” portrays the “seashore adventures of André, a mischievous boy that escapes through the window to live countless adventures without caring  much of worrying his family who searched for him for hours.”

The session, which started with a theatrical adaptation of the book, had the contribution of the Sabugal Mayor, António Robalo, of the Sabugal County House Chairman, Alberto Luís, of Professor Agostinho Silva, author of the theatre´s set, and the writter Edite Fonseca.

For the children, facial painting and bolloon modelling, was available.