The House of the Jewish Memory of the Sabugal’s Borderlan was inaugurated on March 12.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Regional Director of Culture of the Center, Celeste Amaro, the president of the Portuguese Jewry Network, António Dias Rocha, the president and vice president of the Sabugal City Council, António Robalo and Delfina Leal, among Other guests.

Located in the Castle Square of Sabugal, this new museum aims to portray the Jewish presence in the Sabugal county, being integrated in the Project Rotas de Sefarad – Valorization of the Portuguese Jewish Identity in the Interculturas Dialogue, co-financed by EEAGRANTS and Sabugal Municipality and validated by Regional Directorate of Culture of the Center and the Association of Judicial Networks of Portugal. (more…)

In the House of Jewish Memory of the Raia Sabugalense visitors are invited to observe some pieces referring to the past of the property and the Historic Center of the Sabugal, as well as some graphic contents accompanied by texts that recall the presence of the Jewish communities in this ancient village, from Medieval times and modern, ending the visit on the lower floor where they can still see a film / documentary and a wall cabinet in stone.

On the occasion, the Mayor of Sabugal emphasized that the local authority wants this space to be a place of reception, tourist attraction and usufruct to the resident population, thus safeguarding the memory of the place, also evoking the memory of Natália Bispo, responsible for the opening of Casa do Castelo and for the strong dynamization of the Jewish theme in this municipality.

(Translated by Google Translator)