In the past February 16th, took place in the Great Hall of the Council Chambers, a Q&A session framed in the Collective Efficiency Strategy – Historic Villages of Portugal 2020 in the framework of territorial startegies, specially the Community and Local Development Strategies (CLDSs), promoted by the Pró-Raia.

The main goal of this reunion was set in the identification of the investment intentions of the provate sector in the municipality, that are susceptible of being framed in the referred Strategy.

It is intended, through this Collective Efficiency Strategy, assert the historic villages as sustainable territory supported on the Green Growth, recognized as tourism destinations of excellence and sustained by inimitable resources, capable of potentiate the integrated local development, differentiating itself as innovation leader in the low density territory scope.

THe priority action axis, that are based in the Green Growth and Sustainable Development, are set in intelligent specialization axis (investigation, development and tourism innovation, rural innovation – valorizations and dinamization of the endogenous resources value chains – sustainable historic villages and intelligent) and transversal axis (agent mobility and capacitation, animation, comunication and promotion, evaluation and monitoring).

This session in Sabugal, that was started with the intervention of the Mayor, António Robal, was organized by the Historic Villages of Portugal, together with the Sabugal Municipality and Pró-Raia.