The ‘Entrudo Gordo’ (Carnival celebration) in Sabugal combined tradition and entertainment, in a diversified program of activities that took place throughout the county from 21st to 25th February.

The celebrations had its start on Friday, with colourful and creative parades, led by the County’s schools, which filled the streets of Soito and Sabugal with joy.

On Sunday, the Carnival parade in Sabugal counted with the participation of the local community, associations and welfare institutions, moments in which there was no lack of street entertainment, music and children, as well as a streets market, at the Bus Station.

Within the scope of the Entrudo Gordo program, it should also be noted that on Monday 24th Joaquim Monchique, along with Diogo Mesquita and Rui Andrade, presented the show ‘God’, at the Municipal Auditorium. A divine comedy that had a full house, in an environment filled with good mood, laughter and applause.

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