The Sabugal City Hall, withing the actions of “Sabugal + Valor” program, has underway an inovative project to fight the pine tree processionary, that includes its natural predator, the blue tit.
The project “MY FRIEND THE BLUE TIT” involves actions to inform teachers and students, aswell the placement of artifiial nests, in public gardens a places close to schools where the problem of the pine processionary exists.
The instalation of nest boxes for the tit are paramount to the project goals, that enrichens the council´s natural heritage.

The children of the 1st cycle, of the kindergarden and the Sabugal Santa Casa da Misericórdia were the ones that, in an authentic maner, gave “body and soul” to this biological project, and even some children had the chance to plant some bushes.
Each photo reveals the involvement of the school community, in a project that allies Inovation, Education and Environment, fundamental pillars of sustainable development.