Within the cycle ’12 in Network | Villages Celebration’, Sortelha – the most romantic of the Historical Villages – will be, from 28th to 30th June, the scene of the ‘Endless kiss’. 

For three days, and inspired by the Legend of the Eternal Kiss, we introduce you to a program filled with unique experiences. 

Escorted by the locals, we get to share old experiences of the residents daily life: a re-creation of the harvest and the thresh with the elders Hermenegildo, Raul Clara, Manel Reis, Celeste, Alice, Capitolina… among others… like Hortênsia with whom we learn how to make “molídias“ to “carry” the basket with the “bread crust”.

Opening with the theme of romanticism, various artistic approaches will be shared and explored along the Legend of the Eternal Kiss: Stories of paper (A miniature itinerant theatre), plastic arts exploration of it (loving stones workshop and origami workshop) and acted guided tours with the collaboration of the community and an artistic group. (more…)

Through ancient games, we will take a leap into the past, while ‘Carriço’, ‘Bogalhas’ and ‘Lagartixo’ rest in the shadow of the Lódão.

Throughout the night, breaking the silence of the walls, we will present well-chosen music, evoking traditional sounds.

We also guarantee a going back to the roots by approaching identity gastronomy, in a contemporary reinterpretation and with sustainability as a premise.

The ‘blue thread’ invites a contemplative visit to the village, words reveal on stones and on every corner, love is perpetuated in the form of poems, where the lovers rest…

As in former editions, the experience of snacking in the hidden corners of Sortelha is once again part of the official schedule. This results in the best photographic frames, genuine moments of sharing while contributing to the sale of the earth’s products.

We also inform that the workshops, guided experiences and picnic are subject to mandatory prior registration, by phone: 271 750 080 (Sabugal Museum) or email: eventos.sabugal@cm-sabugal.pt. Limited to the number of vacancies.

For the acted guided tours along the streets of the village, we are looking for participants (of all ages and gender) to integrate the Play of the Eternal Kiss Legend, and interested people should obtain additional information by telephone: 271 750 080 (Museu do Sabugal) or email: eventos.sabugal@cm-sabugal.pt.

This event is promoted by the Historic Villages of Portugal Tourism Development Association, co-organized by the Municipality of Sabugal, Sortelha Parish Council, Local Associations and economic agents.

In this edition of “Endless kiss”, Sortelha welcomes us in shades of blue, in a scenographic project by Beatriz Rodrigues. ‘Eternalize’ the moment… We’re waiting for you!