Within the cycle ’12 in Network | Villages Celebration’, Sortelha – the most romantic of the Historical Villages – will be, from 28th to 30th June, the scene of the ‘Endless kiss’. 

For three days, and inspired by the Legend of the Eternal Kiss, we introduce you to a program filled with unique experiences. 

Escorted by the locals, we get to share old experiences of the residents daily life: a re-creation of the harvest and the thresh with the elders Hermenegildo, Raul Clara, Manel Reis, Celeste, Alice, Capitolina… among others… like Hortênsia with whom we learn how to make “molídias“ to “carry” the basket with the “bread crust”.

Opening with the theme of romanticism, various artistic approaches will be shared and explored along the Legend of the Eternal Kiss: Stories of paper (A miniature itinerant theatre), plastic arts exploration of it (loving stones workshop and origami workshop) and acted guided tours with the collaboration of the community and an artistic group. (more…)