AnimaRIO – Sabugal Water Festival

– From July 20th to August 4th

The fluvial leisure areas of the county of Sabugal will host the AnimaRio, a festival that intends to add entertainment to knowledge, based on the water resource and the river natural environment (it will focus on culture, entertainment, science and conservation), aimed at ‘bringing the citizen closer to the water’, call attention to its beauty and raise awareness for its protection.

In a logic of ‘explaining the water’, the festival includes scientific activities related to the water, fauna and flora of the county and other forms of expression that reveal a concern for the environment, moments of artistic and cultural expression, traditional games and entertainment for children and young people.

Please take note:

  • 20th July – Fóios
  • 21st July – Alfaiates
  • 26th July – Malcata
  • 27th July – Badamalos
  • 28th July – Sabugal
  • 01st August – Quadrazais
  • 02nd August – Vale das Éguas
  • 03rd August – Rapoula do Côa
  • 04th August – Vale de Espinho