The Capeia is one of the most meaningful bullfighting expressions in the country, experienced in the Sabugal frontier lines.

It is in August that the Capeia is more authentic, with more engagement from the people, while an identity of the communities where it takes place.

The Capeia lends a strong feeling of belonging to the communities and strengthens bonds between people and land; The immigrants converge here in August, because the Capeia creates strong roots and feeds on passion, courage and dare.

It was the first manifestation of Immaterial Culture ever to be registered in the National Inventory of Immaterial Cultural Heritage (November 2011).

The Capeia has inspired several artists into producing many pieces of art. The most recent is composed by two pieces, a bull and a representation of the left end of the “forcão”, by the multifaceted  Fernando Birra.

It is an impressive piece, with strength, character, that show sensitivity and passion.

It is currently exhibited in Praça da República, in front of Sabugal´s City Hall: it deserves a long and mindful visit.