Developed by the Sabugal Municipality since 2014, together with the CLDS 3G “Sabugal Ativo”, the +ATIVO (Mutual Aid, Existential and Occupational Therapeutic Activity) project will  continue to run during the months of July and September, in 17 locations of the County.

The main goal of +ATIVO it to incentivize one ACTIVITY that promotes well being, creating bonds of MUTUAL AID among the senior citizens, improving the EXISTENTIAL daily life of the population in an OCCUPATIONAL manner, inviting them to participate in sports, culture and community development, and this way stimulate the practice off sports and the acquisition of healthier life styles, fighting the isolation of the senior population.

This way we keep promoting an initiative that privileges the practice of physical exercise, adapting it to the age-group in question.

For more information:

Email: desporto@cm-sabugal.pt
Tel. 271 752 230 (Municipal Library)
Tel. 271 750 150 (Sports and Pools Complex)