The Charter Award Ceremony 2016, hosted by the Europarc Federation, was held last 7 December in the European Parliament in Brussels. In this year’s edition, the only Portuguese Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) recognized by this entity was the ‘Terras do Lince’, represented by the Natural Reserve of Serra da Malcata, through the destination that integrates the municipalities of Sabugal, Penamacor and Almeida .

For the collection of the award was attended an entourage composed by the Mayors of Sabugal, Penamacor and Almeida; Presidents of the Municipal Assemblies of Sabugal and Penamacor, and the Côa Territory Coordinator, which is the entity responsible for project management and coordination.

This is a relevant certification of the territory that comprises the Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve, in an integrated strategy of the ICNF – Nature and Forestry Conservation Institute and the three Municipalities, in close coordination with a vast partnership that includes public and private agents of the territory Of influence.

Under the motto ‘Good for Parks, Good for People’, Carol Ritchie, Executive Director of the Europarc Federation, underlined the importance of nature tourism, with a view to sustainable and integrated development of territories.

The European Charter is a contribution to the implementation of Agenda 21, which is the United Nations’ sustainable development program and was approved in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The ‘Lince Terras’ thus fulfilled the preconditions for recognition Of its CETS, namely: the analysis of the current situation in all areas related to Tourism; The development of a strategy, and the formulation of an action plan for a five-year horizon. After this period, the formal recognition by the Europarc Federation will be reassessed.

To all those involved in this process, it is now incumbent on promoting and streamlining their actions, complying with the precepts of the CETS.

(Translated by Google Translator)