It took place yesterday at the Great Hall of the Town Hall, the first meeting of the technical team of the project, after approval of the application of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) “Gata-Malcata Land of the Lynx” by Europarc Foundation.

In this session, we proceeded to the disclosure of the auditor’s evaluation report, which visited the territory last May, made the situation point for the work that is being developed by the technical team of entities and also the programming future work to be undertaken by the respective team, based on the action plan.

It is recalled that this initiative came from the municipalities of Sabugal, Almeida and Penamacor, covering a wide range of agents who mobilized and involved in what is the certification that recognizes sustainable tourism strategies in protected areas in Europe, which is a step utmost importance to territorial cohesion and to the tourist development of this territory. (more…)

In the five years following the challenge is to implement the letter and was the management, coordination and monitoring of CETS assumed by Territories Coa – Regional Development Association.

For the group of entities involved in this project, which is now called only “CETS Land of the Lynx”, this is the recognition of a high potential territory where nature and landscape harmonize a deep dialogue with our knowledge and the flavors and our art of hospitality.

The certificate ceremony is scheduled for 6 and 7 of next December in the European Parliament in Brussels.

(Translated by Google Translator)