Soito is once again the venue of the Bull and Horse Fair, between July 12th and 14th, a joint organization of the Parish Council of Soito, Municipality of Sabugal and the ‘Amigos do Cavalo’ Equestrian Association.

This Bull and Horse Fair takes place as the opening event of the Capeias season, where, in addition to promoting the calendar and the identity of the Capeia Arraiana, registered in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage, there will be activities focused on the horse and the bull, whose importance and prominence in the county arise through this tradition, which is identity of Sabugal’s cultural manifestations.

Dedicated to bullfighting and equestrian activities, the event, that takes place at Soito arena, includes horse jumping events, a show of Purebred Lusitano foals, a bullfighting demonstration with Portuguese Forcados and bullfighting on horseback, workhorse riding and a horse show, ending with the traditional Capeia.

In parallel, there will also be an exhibition of economic activities associated with the theme and promotion of local endogenous products, and, of course, musical animation is also guaranteed.