‘MEMORIES WITH HISTORIES’ – Guided Tours | Sabugal (Historical Center)

Within the framework of the Beiras and Serra da Estrela Network Culture project, developed by the Beiras and Serra da Estrela Intermunicipal Community (CIMBSE), the Municipality of Sabugal will promote a series of guided tours / staged tours to the historic center of Sabugal.

This action, called ‘Memories with Stories’, will have a component of reinterpretation of diverse events related to the history, monuments and historical personages of the Sabugal. It is based on the book “Terras de Riba Côa – Memories on the Council of the Sabugal” by Joaquim Manuel Correia, and he himself is the host of these visits, leading the audience to take a contemplative and interactive itinerary through the historic center of the Sabugal.

The visits will take place on the following days:

> October 14 (Sunday) – 4:00 pm – Meeting place: Largo do Castelo | Sabugal

> November 10 – integrated visit to the celebrations in the Day of the Municipality – (Saturday) – 10:15 am – Meeting place: Paços do Concelho | Sabugal

> November 11 (Sunday) – 4:00 pm – Meeting place: Largo do Castelo | Sabugal

The visits, which will take participants through various places in the historical center of the Sabugal, will last about 30 minutes and are open to the participation of all those who want to know the Sabugal through the eyes of those who traveled in the end of the century. XIX and beginning of the century. XX.

It should also be noted that the above-mentioned project is co-financed by European funds, namely through the Centro 2020 Operational Program.

(Translated by Google Translator)