Today, October 24, marks the Municipal Day for Equality.

In this context, it must be said that gender equality means that men and women should have the same rights and duties.

Men and women should be free to make their choices and develop their personal skills without interference or limitation stereotypes.

Inequalities and discrimination based on sex are, even today, frequent and persistent, both in the public domain and the private domain, affecting not only women but also men, in different ways.

We consider Gender Equality (IG) as equal rights and freedoms for equal opportunities for participation, recognition and appreciation of women and men in all areas of society, political, economic, employment, personal and family.

The promotion of GI patent on the principles of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (Article 13) is not only a responsibility of the Central Government, as well as the local authorities. It is the latter, the relative proximity to the population, which play an essential role in the elimination and / or reduction of these inequalities.

The Municipal Day for Equality is the realization of measure 13 of the V National Plan for Gender Equality, Citizenship and Non-Discrimination 2014-2017, aimed at a number of commitments taking into account the following strategic áreas: