Food Context


The Sabugal Municipality shows a varied offer of restaurants and menus, where you will be able to taste the region´s typical food. Gastronomy is one of the ways that Sabugal uses to awe visitors.

Land of trout fishing, wild rabbit, kid breeding, of the Malcata Mountain cheese, honey, etc. Since many centuries ago that these activities are practiced by the locals, passed from father to son, in a chain that never broke. Such activities enrichen the Sabugal gastronomy.

Are part of the Sabugal gastronomy multiple dishes, namely, the roasted kid, sausages, cheese, “pardo” cake”, “filhós”, “forgotten” and “marroqueiro”, sponge cake, chanfana, “bucho”, dry grain soup, drained soup, tapioca, sweet foam and “bicas”, hare rice, roasted lamb, rotten wheat, saints cake, chestnuts, bean stew, “saloio” cake, mountain cheese, porsciutto, sry soup, kale soup, tired horse soup, beans and bread, stews, “farófias”, Côa River trout, light bread, wild rabbit, game, sweet angels hair, goat cheese, french toast, “cóscoreis”, painted eggs, green broth, corn porridge, Portuguese stew, golden slices, kid stew, yellow chick, forgotten eggs, Côa River fish and “santoros”.

The most notorious are:

  • Green Broth
    Horn Broth
    Grilled Kid
    Wild Rabbit
    Côa River Trout

On the sweet side we have:

  • Sweet Rice
    Saloio Cake
    “The Forgotten” biscuits
    Corn Porridge