Based on the success of the walks carried out during the last years, the Sabugal City Council will carry out during the year 2017 another hiking season.

In 2017, the project will consist of pedestrian paths inserted in “GR 22 – Historic Villages Route”, always with the purpose of alerting the population to the benefits of physical exercise, not only for the body, but also for the mind. These pedestrian paths also serve to bring (re) discovery and promote places of reference, the historical and natural heritage of the municipality of Sabugal.

During this year there will be five pedestrian routes, totaling 59.6 km, which will connect Vilar Maior to Bendada, passing through several parishes of the county: Vilar Maior, Aldeia da Ribeira, Rebolosa, Alfaiates, Soito, Sabugal , Aldeia de Santo António, Sortelha and Bendada.


(Translated by Google Translator)